Welcome to DCC Laboratory


Distributed and Cloud Computing(DCC) Lab in the Division of
Computer Science and Engineering at Hanyang University is devoted
to pursuing innovative research issues and cutting-edge technologies
in the area of cloud computing. Our research interests span a range of
state-of-the-art topics related to networking protocols, distributed and
cloud middleware, and cloud platforms and applications. Some
representative examples of the issues we are actively exploring
include the followings :



•  Peer-to-peer networking protocol

  P2P-based storage and streaming, performance and
       scalability of blockchain network, and novel blockchain

•  Big data stack

  Data analytic framework, batch/stream processing engine,
       and big data processing algorithm

•  Cloud computing systems and applications

  Cloud application modeling and orchestration,
       microservice-based architecture, mobile cloud computing,
       and service virtualization & containerization technology