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 Research Interests


  The Distributed and Cloud Computing Lab is the center of exciting research activities,
  largely centered around the theme of cloud computing systems and environments, ranging from
  applications to middleware to networking protocols.  


  Cloud foundation   


  •  Cloud infrastructure monitoring and management

  •  Resource modeling and provisioning

  •  Inter-cloud, multi-cloud, and meta-cloud

  •  Mobile cloud computing platform


  Big data processing stack


  •  Data analytic framework (Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Flink, Beam)

  •  Batch/stream processing stack and platform

  •  Big data task scheduling and performance optimization


  Cloud service and application


  •  Cloud application orchestration

  •  Cloud application management framework

  •  Containerization and container clustering (Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm)

  •  Service virtualization and clustering technology

  •  IPTV, P2P TV, and P2P video streaming service




 On-Going Projects


  RA positions are available for the following projects. Contact us, if you are interested in
  any of them or other mobility-related research issues.


  •  Orchestrating Microservice-Based Applications across Multiple Clouds, NRF, 2017-2020

  •  Toward Elastic Service Provisioning for the Cloud, NRF, 2013-2016

  •  B4G 이동통신 시스템 네트워크 가상화 기반기술 연구 및 인력양성, NIPA, 2012-2015

  •  P2P-Based Social IPTV Streaming and System Platform Technology, NRF, 2010-2013

  •  P2P Streaming Architectures and Protocols for Interactive IPTV Services, NRF, 2009-2010

  •  Middleware and Networking Infrastructure Technologies for Peer-to-Peer Social Networks

      , KOSEF, 2008- 2011

  •  Computing Environment Mobility Protocol and Framework Technology, KRF, 2007-2008

  •  Mobile Service Technology for NEMO Networks, KRF, 2006-2007

  •  Mobile Spaces: Toward Smart Spaces over RFID/WPAN and WiBro Mobile Networks

      (RFID/WPAN과 WiBro 무선망에서의 모바일 스페이스 프레임워크 기술), KOSEF, 2005-2008

  •  Device-Independent UI in Home Network Environments, internal project.




 Research Groups & Collaboration


  The lab delves into the issues of mobile and pervasive computing together with other researchers
  and groups listed below. anyone looking for collaboration opportunities, is invited.



  •  Mobile & Pervasive Computing Research at University of Florida.


  •  ...